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Drummer Who Wants to Get Better Wanted (posted on October 5, 2013)
I've now learned all my songs for the School of Rock Adult program, and I'm now working on improving my playing while singing and on adding a little complexity to the bass lines when I'm not singing. Of course, just when I'm getting up to speed—and after Craig booked a show for us at Voltage on November 21—we lost Andy, one of our guitarists, to Miami. At least he's planning to come back for the show....

The Ice Hockey Escapades: sequins and skirts it's not

So. Much. Pain. (posted on August 26, 2013)
Ugh, had a major head-to-head collision in last night's game against Team Silver, and it's left my neck a throbbing, stabbing mass of pain. I'd hate to think what the pain level would be like *without* the four Advil I've ingested this morning (not to mention the ice I put on it last night and the four Advil I took then as well). It feels like I was in a car accident. The guy who hit me was not...

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What I did on my summer vacation. (2001)

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