More Travels Around the Web

My list of regularly-read weblogs is growing. Found another woman out there who's on the fence about the war too, for similar reasons. (She's also just plain neat.) She had a link on her site to an interesting article about a guy who went to Iraq to become a human shield without really understanding what he was doing.

This, at the same time that I've lost any sympathy I might have had for anti-war protestors in San Francisco. It seems the social terrorists have moved on from blocking streets and assaulting commuters to staging vomit-ins. (I do admit I have some sympathy for the knitters, even though crocheting is my blanket-making method of choice.)

In other news, my friend Heather discoverd a few years ago, when she started Jezebel's Mirror (and later Friends of Jezebel's Mirror), that she wasn't the only one who had a penchant for taking self-portraits in mirrors. (I think we all think we're the only ones who are doing it; like Heather, I had zillions of prints of me taken in various reflective surfaces over the years—and this was before I got a digital camera!—but I didn't realize that everyone else did, too.) FOJM eventually blossomed into the Mirror Project, and it has only increased in popularity since... which brings us to the present dilemma: the current MP servers can't handle the load. Please consider making a donation (no amount too small!) so the narcissism-as-art can continue. And while you're at it, submit a photo. C'mon, you know you've got one.

Posted by Lori in bloggity goodness at 4:08 PM on March 24, 2003