Moving to Movable Type

I finally caved and installed Movable Type on avocado8. This after moving my hockey blog over to because it had MT... <sigh> I'm not sure if I'll move it back now. Anyway, I was using Blogger for this general-blathering blog, but the archive settings were a pain to manage, and it didn't seem to have a bunch of features that I wanted. Plus, I've gotten used to manipulating the templates in MT. Oh, that everything were as easy to install and use as Movable Type...

Today I've been in build hell. I'm trying to check in a file that's horrifyingly difficult to merge, which means I need to get it into the build before anyone else changes it. However, before I can check it in, I have to verify that the program builds and runs with my changes. That's where I'm stuck: the Mac will build, but not run. Everyone else can build and run except me. I've sync'ed, I've force sync'ed, I've deleted objects, I've rebuilt a zillion times... and the app still crashes on startup. Arrrrgh! I've been advised to update to OSX 10.2.4, so that's what I'm doing now. Cross your fingers.

Posted by Lori in technically speaking at 4:22 PM on March 10, 2003