Our house is now officially listed as Pending: Do Not Show, which is a huge relief. I kinda want to mess the house up to celebrate, but I probably won't. I've grown too accustomed to its limited-lived-in look, and I now can't seem to take something out without putting it away as soon as I'm done. This is probably a good thing, and how other civilized people act. However, there will be a letting down of the guard, so to speak.

Tonight I will sleep with the comforter on the bed, and tomorrow I will not get up at 7am to vacuum*, clean the bathrooms, remove the shower caddy from the master bath, and straighten up the curtains and pillows before I leave for work. I will leave the bonsai out in the garden, my book on the nightstand, my closet door open, and the toilet lid up, should I so desire. (Putting the bonsai out should also extend its life considerably, so that's not just a convenience, it's a necessity. It looks lovely on the back of the toilet in the master bathroom, but it prefers to be outside.)

I was thinking that I might also start watching TV again, but I turned it on when I got home from work and found I wasn't ready. This is odd, because I used to have the TV on all the time when I was single, just for the company; I guess now that I'm married and have a husband who also loves TV, I cherish the quiet when I'm alone. I've been listening to my extensive collection of Rennaissance, Baroque, and early music CDs, and to classical radio, when I've wanted something other than complete quiet. Annie seems to like this arrangement as much as I do, and I'm thinking that I'll play classical music for her when we move, so she'll feel calm and at home.

Speaking of home, Al found us a furnished one bedroom apartment that takes cats in Philly today, and I filled out the rental application via fax. We're getting a three-month lease, with an option to go month-to-month after that. I hope we can find a house in the next month or so, and move in by the end of the year, but it's a relief to know that we have somewhere to stay in the meantime. It's a load off Al's shoulders in particular, because he'll be there full-time starting September 2, and living in a hotel for all of September wasn't feasible. It also means we have somewhere to ship the clothes and other supplies we'll need for the fall. Yay!

*Well, OK, I might vacuum, but I'm not getting up at 7am to do it!

Posted by Lori in the cross-country move at 7:44 PM on August 21, 2003