The End is Near

Well, we announced on Monday of this week, so that of course means that the end of the cycle is approaching. Not a moment too soon, as my right wrist, and now arm, are killing me. Typing now hurts as much as mousing, so to kill two birds with one stone, I am typing up my blog entries and diddling with my style sheets in Dreamweaver as a scenario test. I'd rather not be typing at all, but it's kinda impossible to do my job without typing, so here we are.

The other end that is near, of course, is that of our time in the Bay Area. We finally have our official moving dates—September 18-20—and we should be making our one-way plane reservations shortly. This is Al's last weekend in our house in Mountain View; he'll return for the actual move, but most of that time will be spent in a hotel (what with our furniture going on the truck and all). The good news, after getting the firm moving dates, is that we'll be able to set aside some items that we need right away, and they'll deliver them to us along with the car on September 24. This is a huge relief, as it means we don't have to ship all kinds of stuff to the apartment and/or my sister's house in Maryland. We can pile up the hockey gear, some tea and cereal and warm clothes, and my scrapbooking stuff, label it NEED IMMEDIATELY, and we'll have it within a few days. Hooray!

Posted by Lori in work at 12:15 PM on August 28, 2003