iPod Update

I've sent my iPod in for repair, and I'm hoping Apple can figure out what's wrong with it and get it back to me asap. Of course, I know I'm not getting back the same iPod—I've had a couple days to get used to this idea as I waited for Apple to send me a special shipping box—but I'm hoping that the one I do get back will have my name engraved on it, as the original did. (My husband is very sweet, no?)

In the meantime, I am consoling myself by trying to re-create my playlists in iTunes, using a borrowed Powerbook. It has all the songs I need in the Library, but since I created most of my playlists directly on the iPod, I'm not sure if I've re-created them exactly. When I requested repair services for the iPod I was informed that it was my responsibility to back up all the data on the thing before sending it to Apple, but of course that's the problem: something's wrong with its Firewire port, so it will neither charge nor mount when plugged into the Powerbook.

Though it's not the same as slipping the iPod into my pocket and plugging the earbuds into my brain, the Powerbook is helping me stay above the depression line, and for that I'm grateful. I spent all day listening to Moody III (my extended-beyond-the-length-of-a-CD remix of Moody II, aka Tunes to Code By) on repeat yesterday, and today I am shuffling the Non-Classical/Non-Xmas playlist. It's something I can see myself doing often, so I've started another sidebar item called Today's Shuffle Surprise. Even without classical and Christmas, it seems my musical tastes are a bit varied...

Posted by Lori in music at 3:17 PM on January 15, 2004