Back With a Due Date Debate Update

We're back from our Last Hurrah cruise and still adjusting to walking on dry land. It's harder than you might think—the sidewalks keep tilting. Although I didn't bring my laptop with me, and I didn't pay the exorbiant Internet access fees on the ship, I did keep a hand-written journal of our exploits, and I'll be posting to our lori-and-al site with the details in the next day or two. (Or as soon as I re-construct that blog and its trashed database; I hosed all the blogs at last month when our server ran out of space. I'm adding them back one at a time under MT3.0.)

In the meantime, here's an update on the Due Date Debate logic puzzle. Remember, even I won't know the solution until I actually deliver; all I know is the due date according to my calculations, the doctors' calculations, and the ultrasound technician's measurements. The original clues, given on July 29, were as follows:

  • By all estimates, Lori is scheduled to give birth sometime in December, 2004.
  • Lori's estimate of the due date, which is based on when she thinks she conceived, is 3 days later than the doctors' estimate, which is based on LNMP (last normal menstrual period).
  • The ultrasound technician's estimated due date is two days earlier than the doctor's estimate.
  • There have been two guesses so far as to the actual date of delivery, neither of which matches the due date estimated by Lori, the doctors, or the ultrasound technician.
  • Lori's estimate is between the first day of Hannukah and the last day of Christmas Week.
  • The baby currently weighs 1 lb., according to the ultrasound.
  • It's possible that the baby will be born in November, but very unlikely that it will be born in January.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines will not accept passengers who will have entered their 24th week of pregnancy as of the last day of the itinerary.
  • A typical pregnancy lasts 40 weeks; babies delivered between the 37th and the 42nd week are considered "at term".
  • Lori's grandmother has guessed December 12, 2004 at 6:05pm.

The guesses so far, in addition to my grandmother's as given above, are as follows:

  • Mom: December 17 (one of the original two guesses)
  • Jimmy: December 21 at 10pm
  • Josie: December 5—wait, cancel! cancel!—December 15 between 2am and 4am
  • M, my 9 year-old niece: December 13 (or Christmas Day, or maybe November 25—she can't decide)
  • J, my 11 year-old nephew: November 24

Additional clues:

  • One of Josie's guesses matches the estimate of either the doctors or the ultrasound technician. This is the only guess to match any of the estimates.
  • I'm now in my sixth month of pregnancy.
  • I've gained 19 pounds.
  • As of last Thursday, my belly looked like this.
Posted by Lori in pregnancy at 1:26 PM on August 9, 2004


Hi Lori,
Jack's wife Lori here. I've been reading your blog since you two shared a cubical wall at MM and I could sometimes catch him on your webcam anyway - I wanted to guess...

December 20th 10:15 am

Happy Pregnancy!

Posted by: Lori Herrington at August 12, 2004 9:39 AM

December 7, 7:30am!

Posted by: Eric T at August 26, 2004 11:35 PM

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