Bra Breakdown

I actually broke down and cried OVER A BRA today. The tears started streaming down my face as I was paying for some maternity hose in a Motherhood Maternity store, and I only barely managed to hold it together until I crossed over the threshold into the mall. At that point, I started sobbing. I stood there, next to a trash can, fishing in my backpack for a tissue with which to stem the tide (and hopefully prevent my mascara from running all over the place). If all nursing bras are as awful as the ones I tried on today—they were ridiculously thin and ugly, and they made me feel like a trussed-up milk cow—I'm going to have to find some other solution for nursing (like maybe never leaving the house until the kid can go several hours without a meal).

Posted by Lori in pregnancy at 8:41 PM on September 13, 2004


Believe it or not, I have some ideas for you. An email list I'm on actually discussed this topic recently (no, I'm not on a pregnancy list :), it's a Bryn Mawr alumnae thing), and I've summarized the suggestions below.

A number of people really like Bravado nursing bras --

One woman who hates all nursing bras suggested a demi cup style works well for just "popping out" at will. Cosabella was her recommended brand. She also suggested Natori bras, sold at A Pea in the Pod stores, for during pregnancy.

Another woman recommends a style called the "Japanese weekend bra" as good for both pregnancy and nursing.

I hope some of this is helpful!

Posted by: Kathleen at September 14, 2004 4:17 AM

I really like the goddess nursing bra's I found at Lady Grace. I just ordered one to try, and then liked it enough I ordered another. If you have a Nordstrom's near by they sell Goddess Bra's. Not sure if they carry Nursing bra's but its Nordstrom's they'd probably be happy to get some in for you to try on and pick through.

I found everything at Motherhood Maternity cheap and flimsy. OK for a couple of T-shirts but really not quality for something like bra's which will get a workout. Pea in a Pod is alittle better quality but not much. Of course I didn't have much choice about looking only in catalogues for nursing bra's as no one sold them in large enough sizes for me by the end of my pregnancy - my boobs where HUGH! (Thankfully they are much smaller now though I'm still nursing so I'm hoping they will go down more when Megan is done with me)

Posted by: Lori Herrington at September 14, 2004 11:06 AM

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