Is It Moral to Spend More Than You Make?

From Deficits and Tax System Changes in Bush's Second-Term Economy:

Federal tax revenue was $100 billion lower this year than when Mr. Bush took office, but spending is $400 billion higher.

Moral values don't come cheap, apparently. My question is: Is it moral to saddle your children with a mountain of debt? Is it moral to ask for a tax cut while saying you support the war in Iraq? (What exactly are you supporting it with, if not tax dollars? Good will doesn't buy body armor, my friends.) Is it moral to ask our President, our country, to fight a war on terror while refusing to make any personal sacrifices? (For the record, standing in long security lines at the airport doesn't count as a sacrifice. Giving up your civil rights probably does, but that doesn't generate any revenue.)

Posted by Lori in politics at 2:19 PM on November 4, 2004