Nightmares and Backups

For the past few nights I've had a hard time getting back to sleep after the 4am, 5am, or 6am feeding (the time varies depending on how long Austen decides to sleep). What keeps me awake is usually remembering one more thing that's gone forever. Like the slideshow of Annie photos. The photos of our trip to Mechanicsburg. The New Zealand photo journal. Basically, photos everywhere are gone.

Because I didn't have a lot of space on my hard drive, I tended to use my web server as my backup drive. Stupid, stupid, stupid, I know—why I never zipped up the whole Annie slideshow (or the photos from the kitchen remodel, or the photos from Korea, or countless other cropped, filtered, and captioned images that took hours to create) and saved it off to a CD, I don't know. I'm just an idiot, I guess.

Even when I'm sleeping I find myself dreaming of directories and backup CDs and missing files. I navigate through folder hierarchies, flailing about for bits of memories and moments lost.

Sure, I at least had the sense to save the huge original image files off to CD, but I'm not sure, even if I had enough time to crop and filter all those images again, that I could write captions with the same level of detail or passion. When I wrote about Annie, I was still crying daily (often hourly) over her. When I wrote about Mechanicsburg, we'd just gotten back, and the memories of what we'd done and how we felt about it were fresh in my mind. At least the kitchen remodel was chronicled in the lori-and-al blog, so I just have to re-construct the thumbnail and full images. About 100 of them. <sigh>

Can you tell that I'm having a moment of despair?

Posted by Lori in technically speaking and the rm -r debacle at 7:14 PM on February 4, 2005

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Ann Bartow:

Hey, hang in there. I enjoy your blog so much.


Hey, hang in there. I enjoy your blog so much.

Posted by: Ann Bartow at February 5, 2005 8:39 PM

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