Looby, Shattered

While vacuuming the kitchen this morning, I got the cord to the vacuum wrapped around my Loobylu mug and yanked it to the hard, tile floor. Needless to say, it shattered. :(

The mug had been fading for months, thanks to our overzealous dishwasher, but I was still very much attached to this mug. It captured a moment in time, a moment when I was just starting to read other blogs. Loobylu was among the first of my daily reads.

I know I can get another Looby mug, but it won't be the same. Looby looks different now, and I don't think this design is available anymore. <sigh> At least I'll have the memory of my last mug of tea with Looby, and of Austen reaching for it with both hands, raising it to his mouth, and making what he thought was the same sucking motion I was making at the rim.

the stains are from my morning tea

Posted by Lori in bloggity goodness and scrapbook at 11:31 AM on May 26, 2005