Ten Things

  1. Last night I dreamed that time rewound somehow, and I was watching the 9/11 attacks again—this time from my window rather than on a hotel television. "Look," I said to Al, "the Towers are still standing...and there's only one smoking hole." I checked my watch. "That second plane should be coming just...about...NOW." And sure enough, in it came. It was just as horrifying the second time, when I knew it was coming.
  1. Today is one of those windy days where trash cyclones pop up in the alleys and side streets, and you end up with little bits of paper bag and Jelly Krimpet wrappers stuck in your hair.
  2. Today's wind is a life-sucking, demoralizing wind, rather than an uplifting, decaffeinating wind. I fear I will be stuck indoors all day.
  3. I used to think the word scatological meant "random", "nonsensical", or "all over the map", and that it was related to scat, the kind of singing Cab Calloway and Ella Fitzgerald used to do. (I probably also had a mental association with the word scattered, which has a different etymology.) nj set me straight back in 1998 or 1999.
  4. Austen has been asleep for an hour and forty-five minutes so far. Thank you, Austen.
  5. I can be totally non-functional if I don't get the breakfast I am craving. This morning, I had to have cheese blintzes. HAD TO.
  6. Despite the wind (and now the rain), I am desperate to get outside and go for a walk today. At the same time, I'm not sure I have the mental or physical energy to make it more than two blocks.
  7. Ratphooey spoke for me (as she so often does) last week when she said that she wasn't ready for people to start dying on her. I've been thinking about this a lot lately—how for the next forty or fifty years, people I know and love will be dying with shocking regularity. I have been especially worried lately that my parents will die, though neither of them is old or in poor health.
  8. I am seriously stressing out about planning Austen's first birthday party in November.
  9. I owe Josie an e-mail. Sorry, Josie!
Posted by Lori in random at 12:39 PM on September 29, 2005


Awww...just the fact that you gave me a shout-out on your blog keeps me smilin'! Had my first law school exam today, and...well, I'm still standing so guess it wasn't all bad. Hope you are feeling better!

Posted by: Josie [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 29, 2005 10:31 PM

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