One of the bummers about working full-time is that I don't get to witness all of Austen's new behaviors firsthand. Luckily Hannah gives me regular reports (and sometimes Austen even re-enacts the behavior as she's describing it), so I don't feel totally out of the loop, but it does still mean that I write less about new developments.

In an effort to keep up, I'm going to record the one that Hannah just told me about now: Apparently Austen was drinking out of a regular glass down in the basement, and Hannah said he had this "hey, look at me! I'm a big boy!" expression as he was doing it. And then, of course, he dumped the whole glass of water down his shirt. "Faaaaaaaaart! I thought I had it!", he scowled. Truly, his expressions are, well, just that expressive. The other day when his cousin was crying loudly and lengthily over something or other that didn't go his way at lunch (in a restaurant), Austen just sat there staring at him. I swear to you his expression said "what's up with you?", and, as the crying went on and on, it morphed into "come on, you're embarrassing us."

Posted by Lori in parenthood at 2:26 PM on March 17, 2006