More Iced Coffee, Please

[Yes, I'm drinking decaf again, though I'm back to the 3 or 4 parts milk:1 part coffee ratio I thought I'd evolved from when I went to short decaf lattes*.] I love my cozy little nook of an office in what I call the gallery, a 100" x 75" (yes, ", not ') space with a window at the top of the stairs, but goddamn is it hot up here. There's an air conditioning vent just to the right of my desk, and Austen's room (the doorway of which forms the boundary of my space), with its two vents, is bearable, but I think the three laptop computers + external monitor plus whatever physical law it is that makes heat rise are working against me. Oh yeah, and did I mention that the gallery is on the south side of the house? Phe-yew!

Speaking of my office and my oodles of hardware and wiring, I'm finding it hard to get back into the grind after our vacation to Maine. I'm fixing bugs and participating in meetings and all that, but I find myself daydreaming about what life was like before I went back to work. I suspect I'm thinking more of the year I took off before Austen was born (when I did a bit of contracting, a lot of housework, and whatever else I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to do it) rather than the 13 months of SAHMhood that directly preceeded my current full-time employment, though it'd be fun to go to the playground or music class or the pool with Austen, too.

I almost think that what would suit me best in the summer is working San Francisco hours. By that I don't mean working 10am to 7pm, as I did when I lived out there, but rather hours that coincide with when my San Francisco colleagues are in the office—roughly 12:30pm to 9:30pm EST. That would give me mornings free to tool around with Austen, run errands, etc., and it would mean that I'd be in front of my computer at the time of day when I feel most productive (usually from 5pm-8pm or so). Unfortunately, those hours conflict with dinner, bathtime, and Austen's bedtime, not to mention husband and wife time. Hrrm.

*When we were in Norwood, Mass. recently, I ordered an iced decaf tall latte at the Starbucks down the street from our hotel, and the employee who took my order called it out to the barista as an "iced decaf tall lotty." I haven't been able to get that particular Bostonardization out of my head ever since.**

**I think the urge to write randomly and with even-more-random footnotes comes from catching up with Mimi Smartypants, whom I only read a few times a year, yesterday.

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"iced decaf tall lotty."...well, at least he didn't say "potty!"


"iced decaf tall lotty."...well, at least he didn't say "potty!"

Posted by: Josie at July 12, 2006 5:28 PM

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