A Weekend Away

We are leaving The Beaner. Not for good, of course, but overnight, for the first time. My mom came up on Friday to hang out with him and get used to his routine, to learn where the sippy cups are, which towel to use when getting him out of the tub, which jammies are his favorites and which ones he'll reject with tears of anguish, what he eats for lunch and dinner, and how to determine whether he needs a nap. Her sister (my aunt) will be arriving shortly to help out, and by the time anyone reads this, I hope we'll be in the car on the way to New York City.

This time away, alone together, is my birthday present. We'll be walking around NYC during the day, doing some shopping, taking some photos (oh, how I've agonized over whether to take the 10D—it's the first thing I think of when I think of New York: PHOTOS!—but I think in the end I will take the Finepix F30, since this trip's more about spending Grown Up Time with my husband than getting absorbed in shooting), and eating dinner at Nobu. Maybe we'll even get bagels and a New York Times on Sunday morning, and have breakfast in bed.

See you on Sunday afternoon!

Posted by Lori in travel at 8:58 AM on November 18, 2006