Three Things I Learned Today

We celebrated The Beaner's 2nd birthday with both sets of grandparents today. I'll have photos to post tomorrow (both of the cake eating/present opening and of other events of the past few days—I brought my work computer with me to my in-laws', and I can't download photos with it). In the meantime, I'll mention three things that occurred to me today:

  1. Despite tales of terrible twos and willful guff, I have an awesome child.
  2. I want to spend as much time with The Beaner as possible.
  3. I want to spend a few days with my parents at Christmas, mainly to share the joy that is The Beaner with them.

Now that we're back in our own house, I'd like to go spend some quality quiet time with my husband. More news tomorrow.

Posted by Lori in parenthood at 10:06 PM on November 25, 2006