Do Two Days Equal a Pattern?

It was not a fluke. The Beaner fell asleep at 9pm last night, slept until about 8:20 this morning, and upon waking, got out of bed and waited patiently at the gate until his dad heard the metallic clunk of his little Jeep against the bars and went to get him.

Last night, we had time to:

  1. Eat dinner together (yes, we each ate something different, but we sat at the table together and talked about our days)
  2. Meet with the contractor about the bathroom and give him a deposit toward the cabinets and demo work
  3. Dance and sing, "Sing, sing with mom" (to the tune of "Sing a Song") at the top of our lungs in the kitchen
  4. Shower (Al and the Beaner)
  5. Watch Grammar Rock for the bajillionth time (my heart totally melted as the Beaner yelled out the chorus of the Interjection! song—so when you're happy (HOORAY!), or sad (AW!), or frightened (EEK!), or mad (RATS!), or excited (it's supposed to be WOW!, but for some reason he skips this one), or glad (HEY!), an interjection starts the sentence right!)
  6. Let the Beaner try to poop twice
  7. Check in a bugfix (me)
  8. Read a story to the Beaner
  9. Snuggle the Beaner to sleep
  10. Watch both Friday Night Lights and Veronica Mars (me and Al)
  11. Read a chapter of The Omnivore's Dilemma (me) and You Gotta Have Wa (Al).

Yeah, baby! We're totally rockin' the new schedule.

Posted by Lori in parenthood at 10:50 AM on February 9, 2007


Oh, I love days like that! When you feel like you've accomplished so much. Puts a smile on your face, doesn't it?

Love his Grammar Rock cute!

Posted by: lori at February 9, 2007 3:16 PM

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