The Work Dreams Have Started

How you know you're in "crunch mode" at work: Even when you're sleeping, you're working.

Last night the Beaner woke in the wee hours (I actually have no idea what time it was), went to the gate at his door, and cried loudly enough to wake one of us (this time it was me, but often it's Al. Funny how usually only one of us at a time ever hears him...). I went up to take him to the bathroom, and after spritzing a bit into the toilet, he reached for me to pick him up, and then he clung to my neck like a monkey when I tried to put him back in bed. I think he wanted to make sure I got the message that he wanted me to get in, too, which I did.

Aside: Man, am I glad I put the good (read: beech fiber) sheets on his bed this time. It made falling back to sleep so much easier. Those sheets ROCK.

So anyway, I fell asleep with the Beaner snuggling/smothering me, and I immediately went back to work. I seemed to be in the office, which is odd because in real life I work from home, three timezones removed from most of my colleagues. I was dreaming about quarterly goals; apparently I got two different sets of goals confused and turned in the wrong kind (yearly instead of quarterly, maybe?). At some point I realized I was sleeping, woke myself up, and tried to sneak out of the bed, but the Beaner caught and tackled me.

I fell back to sleep right away again, and went right back to the office. I was talking to some colleagues about the fact that my boss' boss was moving back to his home town, and how he'd only be in the office every other week now. One of the QEs said she'd miss him because he injected some sexiness into the office (and the team meetings). In the dream I totally knew what she was referring to, and I remember wondering if this type of injection was appropriate.

Next thing I knew I was reading an e-mail from a QE with whom I work closely; in it she mentioned that the boss' boss had made a remark to her in the hall and grabbed her butt once. I wasn't able to read her tone, however, and I was unable to discern whether she was flattered by the attention or considered it sexual harrassment. I was also unsure why she was telling me about the incident. Just then the boss' boss arrived to say goodbye, and he gave me a "special" goodbye hug. It seemed a little... well... affectionate, especially when he nuzzled my neck.

That's when I opened my eyes to find the Beaner half sprawled across me, with his face very close to mine. He smiled, and suddenly I was home.

Posted by Lori in work at 11:50 AM on February 22, 2007


Oh, how I hate dreaming about work. Or math. Somehow, I attempt to solve these complex math equations that make no sense, so I wake up frustrated and already mentally exhausted!

But being snuggled by your son as you dream of harrassment at the office is priceless.

Posted by: Karianna [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 23, 2007 12:22 AM

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