Busy Busy

Sorry for the slim postings over here lately. I now have so much to say about the Beaner that I don't even know where to begin... and so I don't, because I don't have time to write a serial novel at the moment. Work, you know. Lots to do.

Things I could be writing about:

  • The Beaner's Dora/Diego obsession, and the various ways it's spilling into our lives ("Starbucks, Bus Stop, Beaner's House!", "Bridge, Gas Station, King of Pizza!")
  • Today's visit to the allergist, and the things we both tested negative for (but which we react to in daily life)
  • The "it's all about ME" mentality he seems to have these days. (No, son, it's all about ME. Haven't you heard?)
  • The ankle. Yes, it still hurts. Yes, I'm still walking around on it. Yes, I'm still icing and wrapping and elevating and taking Advil. Yes, I'm impatient—why do you ask?
  • The 5 lbs. I've gained since the injury. I seem to have underestimated the number of calories I was burning just running up and down the stairs on a daily basis, walking the Beaner to sharecare, and just going about my life at a normal pace—things I'm not doing right now.
  • How much I am positively PINING to start doing any form of exercise again (and not just because of the weight gain). I feel like a slug. (And yes, I'm doing a bit of Pilates, but it's not enough for me.)
  • The way the Beaner just sneakily poked his head out of his door to see if I had really left him in there to fall asleep alone. Totally cracked me UP.
  • The adventure we had at Wegman's the other night when I suddenly couldn't walk anymore, Al had to fetch me a Costanza Cart, and then I nearly mowed down the woman in front of me at the checkout line when the Beaner grabbed the accelerator. (Luckily, after shouting "stop! stop! stop!" a few times and thinking WHERE THE HELL IS THE BRAKE???, I managed to wrest control away from the Beaner and throw the thing in reverse.) Hoo yeah.
  • How filthy my house is, thanks to the bathroom remodel and the fact that I can't drag the vacuum up and down the stairs.
  • Oh yeah, the bathroom remodel. Fart.

Oops, there's the husband. He takes precedence over both work and blogging. Gotta go.

Posted by Lori in work at 9:24 PM on May 10, 2007