Randomness, part 31

Just so's you know: I haven't abandoned my My Every Day photo project. I *did* take photos on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I hope to upload them... soon. The problem is currently that I've used all the hard disk space on my MacBook, and we're wrastlin' with an NAS drive that doesn't seem to like our wacky home network. I'll probably end up having to buy a separate external drive just for the MacBook tomorrow, at which point I'll be able to download (and thus, upload) photos again. I hope.

We had a lovely weekend with my parents, Al had a Father's Day trifecta (an awesome round of golf in perfect weather with me as company—but not as seething source of frustration, since my ankle only permitted me to putt—plus a yummy dinner of Maryland crabs, plus a generous brunch by the water at the Sheraton Columbia), and the Beaner had a particularly fabulous time swimming in a blow-up pool, throwing balls into trees with my mom, and pitching golf balls with my dad. He is going to LOVE staying with them when we go away for Al's birthday next month; I doubt he'll even notice we're gone.

News flash for lovers of the $8.99 v-neck stretch T from Target: I stopped in at the Target store near my parents' house to buy a few more today, figuring I could use another white, another navy or black, and another purplish-heather (see link). It turns out they've turned over their color inventory, so I was able to get three *different* colors today: a pinker version of the purplish-heather (it's rather like my hair color, actually), a lemon/lime color that's much less neon (and slightly more green) than the version that made me look like a walking virus when I made my original purchases, and a darker heather brown than the tan heather I got on my second trip. On Al's advice, I declined to buy the bluish-green number; while it wasn't as bad as the original neon green-yellow, it didn't really do anything for me. I'm assuming these color changes are intentional and not just weirdnesses with the dye lots; either way, BONUS!

I am still wigging out about not being prepared for my trip to Germany. I did laundry, fixed a big bug that was hanging over my head, and made the Beaner's bed (oh, that's another story—remind me to tell you about the Pull-Up status eventually) tonight, but it occurred to me over the weekend that I probably don't have the right outlet adaptors, that I need to figure out the whole currency thing, and that I don't have enough 1oz. bottles in which to put liquids, gels, and creams to make carrying on a possibility. There may be a frantic trip to the store tomorrow.

Oh! One other point in my favor: I made it out to the store on Friday morning and got Al the Father's Day gift he wanted: the special iPod accessory kid that he'd only ever seen at Costco. It has a bunch of A/V stuff, an adaptor that lets you listen to FM radio on your iPod, and an external charger. He was happy, so the trip and the extra Friday frenzy was worth it.

OK, now: Must. Sleep.

Posted by Lori in random at 11:34 PM on June 17, 2007


I'm a frequent traveler...I advise that for the adapter if you don't get it before you leave (Radio Shack has a universal adapater that is great) you can usually pick them up at the airport (either on the US side in the international terminal or once you arrive). Plus I've found that if really desperate 99% of hotels will have an adapter that you can borrow.

Regarding liquids...I never check baggage through PHL airport (unless I want it to be rifled through and things stolen). The liquid issue is a pain, but me being lazy-I take very limited liquids with me on the plane. Instead I purchase some small quantities when I arrive at my destination. It's kind of fun to figure out what will 'work' in a foreign country. The only things I ALWAYS take (liquid wise) is contact solution (they allow up to 3.4 oz-I use ReNu) and face cream (Origins Perfect World and Neutrogen oil free with SPF). Toothpaste, hair care, etc are all purchasable and if I'm really being 'good' I just use what the hotel offers. Just remember that if you want to take liquids it's 3.4 oz or less, 1 small ziploc bag, and 1 per person ('Get the 311 on airport security' as announced at all US airports recently).

Hope that's helpful!

Posted by: suz at June 19, 2007 9:55 AM

Thanks, Suz! I'm finally all set with the adapters -- I found my old one
from the 80s, and I got one for my Mac's power cord at the Apple store. I'm
mostly packed now, too, believe it or not. I'm almost feeling AHEAD of the
game -- so much so that I might actually try to squeeze in a hair cut
today. :)

Posted by: Lori [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 19, 2007 10:07 AM

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