I took several photos of the Beaner yesterday, and I didn't end up posting a couple of them because although they were cute, they weren't particularly flattering. He looked kind of... chubby. Is this awful of me?

[Insert transition here, I'm too lazy to think of a good one.] This morning woke up to a very sticky Beaner in bed with me (he jumped in when he woke up this morning). Since we'd been BBQing with Al's cousins down in Columbia, Maryland until about the Beaner's bedtime, Al had just given him a baby wipe bath and dressed him in his jammies for the ride home. (He fell asleep on schedule 10 minutes into the 2-hour drive home.) The baby wipe had apparently gotten off the superficial dirt, but it left the sweaty, icky, sunscreen-y deep dirt intact.

When I'd finally had enough of trying to sleep next to the sticky, I popped him into the shower to scrub it off him. When I got him out, I noticed he looked... talller. Not chubby at all (I could see his ribcage), and definitely taller. Is it possible that he grew overnight?

We've mostly been measuring him down in the kitchen with his shoes on, and he's been holding steady at 37". This time I had him back up to the bedroom door barefoot and drew a pencil mark at the top of his head, above the latch. When I measured from the floor to the mark, I got a reading of 37.75". I don't know if all that growing was done overnight, but he's almost two inches taller than he measured at his last well-baby visit (a measurement also taken without shoes). It seems the old pattern of him fattening up right before a growth spurt continues to hold.

Posted by Lori in parenthood at 4:08 PM on June 10, 2007