After an intense two-day wind and rainstorm, during which the Elbe overflowed its banks around the Adobe office (a not-uncommon occurrance in spring and fall, but much rarer in summer), the sky still looks a bit threatening, and it feels more like a fog-shrouded San Francisco evening than a European summer morning. I chose to walk from the subway yesterday just in case the bridge at the Altona ferry landing was flooded, to the peril of my umbrella and the complete soaking of my pants and shoes. I would have been better off crossing a flooded bridge.

close the flood doors! close the flood doors! waiting for the ferry after work it's not sinking, really! aftermath soaked

This morning the water level seemed lower, so I opted to wait for the ferry rather than walk. I guess the ride was bumpier than usual, because as soon as we took off from Landungsbrücken the front windows of the ferry were obscured by heavy sprays of water. Another indication of a turbulent ride: I'm sitting at my desk, and I can't seem to shake the feeling that the building is rocking back and forth. Reminds me of the days after our Last Hurrah Cruise, when I couldn't keep my balance on the sidewalk.

I swear, it's not the beer.

hefeweizen and water

Posted by Lori in travel and work at 3:22 AM on June 28, 2007