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Ever since I read Sarah's entry for the iTunes Meme, I've been dying to go downstairs and analyze the copy of iTunes to which Al and I sync our iPods, to which I work out on rainy days, and from which I have burned many Beaner-friendly CDs for the car. The Beaner and Aura are down there, however, and I'm supposed to be either working (bugs!) or sleeping (germs!), so I can't get down there until later.

After following the links backward from Sarah's site, however, I'm positively itching to analyze, so I will first do the meme here on my work MacBook, which has a VERY limited subset of the music that's available on the home Mac—it's mostly the kind of stuff I like to listen to while working (duh), and I often supplement it with my iPod docked into a JBL speaker ring. I've been listening to the Favorite Christmas & Classical/Big Band playlist non-stop for the past two days, so that also might skew the results. Let's see!

How many total songs?
1117 songs. 2.6 days worth.

Sort by song title - First and Last…
À part - La Laque (just downloaded as part of a bunch of free MP3s the other day; listening to it for the first time right now)
$300 - Soul Coughing
(Technically the last thing in the list is the 1920s Radio Network stream, but I'm not sure that counts)

Sort by Time - Shortest and Longest…
(Again, excluding the radio streams, which have no time)
Bonus Track - Ani DiFranco, 4 seconds
The Tech Guy Podcast 339 - Leo Laporte, 2:11:23
(Longest actual song is Concerto fatto per la notte di natale - Corelli, 15:38)

Sort by Album - First and Last…
A. Marcello - Alessandro Marcello
1981-Beauty and the Beat - The Go Gos, but that's only because the dorkwad who had the privilege of yelling "FIRST!" when his album information was uploaded to CDDB entered it that way. Dude, the album is called Beauty and the Beat, and it's filed under B. The real last album, alphabetically, is Zooropa - U2.

Sort by Artist - First and Last…
[Ignoring another dorkwad who entered the song titles in the Artist field] Zero7

Top Five Six Most Played Songs…
Everloving - Moby (15)
Pyramid Song - Radiohead (14)
Planet Telex - Radiohead (14)
Climbing Up The Walls - Radiohead (14)
Running To Stand Still - U2 (14)
In The Waiting Line - Zero 7 (14)

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 2, Death: 0, Love: 17, You: 49, Home: 5, Boy: 13, Girl: 48

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle…
Candy Perfume Girl - Madonna (Pop)
Beautiful - Bill Medley (Blues) [ugh, another free mp3 that I hated]
Mine's Not A High Horse - The Shins (Alternative & Punk)
Adagio for Concerto for Two Harpsichords in C Minor - Various Artists (Holiday)
Kommet, Ihr Hirten - CSSR State Philharmonic Orchestra (Holiday)

Hmmm, looks like it'll be an interesting Christmas party.

Downstairs iTunes to come, hopefully tonight.

Posted by Lori in music at 4:20 PM on December 4, 2007

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I admit to applying some peer pressure.


I admit to applying some peer pressure.

Posted by: Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah at December 5, 2007 6:14 PM

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