This Calls For a Cars Bandage!

The Beaner woke up with a giant zit in the middle of his chin the other morning, most likely from not wiping his face after dribbling toothpaste (he likes to look at himself in the mirror while spitting, which is not conducive to getting the spit into the sink) and then sleeping on a somewhat scratchy pillowcase. (He loves the design of the case, but actually complained about the scratchiness after acquiring the zit. Why they make kids' sheets with such low threadcounts I'll never understand—kids' skin is *more* sensitive than adults'!)

I noticed the zit, of course, when he woke up, but I didn't have time to attend to it until he went to bed either that night or the next, I can't remember which. I told him we'd put a Band-Aid with some Neosporin on it on the zit, and by morning it would be on its way to healing completely. As soon as I said this, he said, "we can use my car band-aids!"

I'd been thinking of the little clear dot Band-Aids I keep around for the express purpose of dealing with infected zits, but of course the Beaner thought of the plastic Hot Wheels bandages my Aunt Jancy gave him as a Christmas gift when she stopped by on Sunday. She also gave him a box of tattoo-type bandages with Cars characters on them, and ever since, the Beaner has been seeing boo-boos EVERYWHERE. "Look, there's a spot on your arm where I scratched you. You need a band-aid. [Applies Hot Wheels bandage to my arm, then invents an injury to himself and applies another Hot Wheels bandage.] Now, who else has a boo-boo?"

"That's a good idea!" I exclaimed at his suggestion, thinking not of the Hot Wheels bandages, but of the Cars ones. I actually prefer the tattoo-type bandages for overnight infected-zit fighting because they form a better air-tight seal, but I've been using the dots because (a) they're cheaper, and (b) I can leave them on during the day if I need to (whereas a giant whale or peace sign or Mater would tend to draw attention to the spot I was trying to get rid of).

We ended up having a long debate about whether to use the Cars ones or the Hot Wheels ones (he prefers the latter because the Cars ones require assistance to apply, and he is all about DOING IT HIMSELF these days—complete with running commentary on *how* he's doing it, with helpful pointers for us clueless adults. Now that I think about it, he might have a career on the DIY channel someday...), which I eventually won because I'M MOM.

checking out his tattoo bandage in the mirror

Also because he approved when he looked at the result in the mirror. (You *know* that if he'd cried and said he hated it and wanted a Hot Wheels band-aid, I would have sighed dramatically, gotten grumpy and annoyed, and then given him his damn Hot Wheels band-aid, even though it would have fallen off five seconds later because it wasn't as sticky and was too big for his chin. I'm like that. And for those of you who don't know me well, that's about as accurate a portrait as you'll ever get.)

Posted by Lori in parenthood at 11:30 PM on December 14, 2007


Ohhh, if only we could all be that cute with a zit! I see to the right that the Google ads are for acne treatments... ha ha ha! And I bet they don't even list Band-Aids with cars on them... Glad you're feeling better, too, because that was just GROSS! ; )

Posted by: Diane at December 15, 2007 11:15 AM

I admire your restraint in not putting him through the torture of trying to pop it! He looks very stylish.

Posted by: sharon at January 13, 2008 1:39 PM

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