T is for Tamago

The Beaner and I played a little game at lunch today. He's forever picking up pasta, straws, crayons, pencils, etc.—anything relatively straight—and making capital Ts out of them. Today when he did it with his flaxseed fusili, he said, "T is for Tamago." I got out some paper and started by saying, "A is for...". He filled in the blanks.

Photo by aJ GAZMEN - GucciBeaR
A is for alligator

B is for bird

C is for cat

D is for W (double-u)

E is for egg

F is for flower

G is for gum

H is for house

I is for Ike

J is for Jack

K is for Knuffle Bunny

L is for letter

M is for map

N is for nut

O is for oak ("like an oak leaf")

P is for putt ("like Putt-Putt," and here he was thinking of the old Putt-Putt games from Humongous Entertainment, which are sadly no longer available. he also has a book by this title, though.)

Q is for quack

R is for rawwwr (he roared here)

S is for saxophone

T is for tamago

U is for... (Aura prompted him with "something you might use when it's raining") umbrella

V is for violin

W is for weather

X is for x-ray

Y is for yo-yo

Z is for zebra

Posted by Lori in parenthood at 1:13 PM on January 4, 2008