Updates From Beanerworld

Sorry for the loooong silence. Busy busy busy, sick, busy, hockey, busy, snow, blah blah blah. Some Beaner things I've jotted down over the past week or so:

He's Been Paying Attention After All

Me: It's time to go brush our teeth.

Beaner: Why do we have to brush our teeth in the morning? We already brushed them last night.

Me, absentmindedly, because I'm tired of answering this question: Uh, because we have morning breath.

Beaner, cheerily: Because we have socks on our teeth! And because we don't want those socks to turn into cavities!

Adding to His Vocabulary, To the Tune of the Wonder Pets! Theme

One morning this week (Sunday?), the Beaner was taking FOREVER to get dressed, and I was getting sick to death of asking him YET AGAIN to put on his damn pants. Al finally came up to see what was taking so long, and I said, "we've learned two new words this morning: tedious and progress." Al immediately broke into Wonder Pets! mode and sang, "This is tedious!", to which I added, "Let's make some progress! Shirt, socks, and underpants, too -- Put them on or I'll yell at you!" [Spank actually made more sense meter-wise, but I didn't want to make empty threats.]

SpongeBob StrangePants or He Wasn't As Confused As I Thought He Was

I hand the Beaner a pair of underpants and say, "here, put on your underpants," and I go back to my desk for a second. He comes over and says, "why is he rescuing Patrick?"

Me: "Who's rescuing Patrick?"

He holds up the underpants and points to the scene screen-printed across the butt: "SPONGE SLAM!", in which SpongeBob is body-slamming a supine Patrick in the wrestling ring.

"Oh," I say. "Wrestling. SpongeBob is wrestling Patrick. I don't know why."

Beaner: "No, he's rescuing him, because Patrick fell down. What's wrestling?"

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