Tuesday Miscellany

The miscellany's coming a day early this week.

I don't mind cool weather at all—my favorite climate can be found in San Francisco (which isn't saying much, since there are so many microclimates) where it's 50-70 degrees most days with some foggy days and some clear, dry days—but hello, May in Philadelphia? Yeah, hi. Aren't you supposed to be warmer? Less rainy? Isn't it April's job to handle the showers, and yours to produce the flowers? Just checking, because if recent history and the current forecast are any guide we're still a ways away from temps staying above 55° at night, and that doesn't seem right. I'm impatient, thought, so, I planted my peppers long ago.

The Beaner has had TWO DAYS IN A ROW where he didn't go out to the hall at school. I hope this is a sign of improved behavior, and not just that Ms. Erwin has grown weary of sending him out in the hall all the time. There was ice cream after dinner last night to celebrate; tonight we'll go watch Al play hockey. Note to self: Remember to bring the thundersticks.

Al and I are going to see Liam Finn again tomorrow night at XPN's World Cafe Live. Woo! On a related note, I stopped to buy some generic Zyrtec at CVS last night (I declined a bag in favor of just holding the box in my hand), and as the Beaner and I were running down 21st Street on the way home, the bottle of pills was sliding back and forth inside the box to the rhythym of my footfalls. Clunk-shhhcchhh-clunk-shhhcchhh-clunk-shhhcchhh-clunk-shhhcchhh. Al goes, "hey!" and starts singing, "So it seems... so it seems tonight..." and I continue, "you've got that wild look in your eyes..."

If you're in Vienna, Virginia or thereabouts, Liam's playing with Laura Viers at Jammin' Java tonight; they'll be at the Bowery Ballroom on Thursday for those of you in New York; Bostonites can see them at the Middle East Downstairs on Friday; and then it's on to El Mocombo in Toronto on Saturday. All showtimes are 8pm. Check him out if you get a chance.

Posted by Lori in random at 12:57 PM on May 20, 2008