Burning the Candle (But Not Melting Down)

I'm on Day 2 of 7 where I'm responsible for watching the Beaner from 8:30-11:15am, then working from 11:15 to 7:15 as well as for my usual hour or so after he goes to bed. In order to fit my trip to the gym in and get back and showered before Al has to leave for work, I have to get up at 6:30am.

I know that almost any other mom reading this is probably laughing at me now; getting up at 6:30am and going to bed at 11pm, a few hours of childcare and a full day of work are probably normal for most. For me it's a bit of a stretch. Or, at least, it's a stretch when it's 90+ degrees out and humid. I'm seriously ready to go back to bed right now.


The Beaner and I walked to Reading Terminal Market this morning to buy eggs, and by the time we arrived back home at about 10:50, I was dripping with sweat and ready to flop on the floor. (The Beaner actually *did* flop on the floor.) There was laundry to be done, however, so I tackled that first, and then the Beaner and I went out back to pick some peas and eat them on the spot.

pea pods, just before I picked two and ate them

I have to say, it's awesome having a couple hours in the morning with the Beaner. He's not sad at all when Aura arrives, making the handoff easy, and it's just so nice to be able to interact with my kid at leisure. He's so articulate, and now that he's coming out of his super-rough Teenager Phase, he's a delight to be around.

reading the paper at starbucks

I think the end of the Teenager Phase can be attributed to several factors, namely:

  • Time (every phase, good or bad, ends eventually)
  • The schedule change that gives Al more uninterrupted time with him in the morning, and me more uninterrupted time with him in the evening
  • Diet (we're trying out a semi-Feingold program, essentially skipping the elimination of all salicylates and going straight to Stage Two, and I think we're already seeing progress. Just eliminating artificial colors and preservatives seems to have helped all of us.)
  • Momentum (the better he behaves, the more patient and calm we are with him, and the better he behaves).

I wish I had the energy to fully appreciate this time. Hopefully going to bed at 10pm (I'm trying to BE FIRM with myself) will help. That, and staying indoors tomorrow. It's just too dang HOT to be running errands on foot.

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I'm so glad things are going better for you, Beaner-wise!


I'm so glad things are going better for you, Beaner-wise!

Posted by: ratphooey [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 10, 2008 3:13 PM

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