Today's Randomness

One resolution down, more to go:



I find myself suddenly exhausted today and in dire need of a nap at 10:47am. This shouldn't be surprising; the more surprising thing is that it's only hitting me now.


I have high hopes of being able to sort out my multiple drive problems (only Lightroom and iTunes remain stubbornly anchored in the past and looking to the old locations for files that are no longer there) and get caught up on my photo uploading soon.

I'm also looking forward to upgrading my iPhone's firmware and finally getting push e-mail, calendaring, and access to the bugbase while not in front of my computer and logged into VPN. I LOVE that I can get my work e-mail now when I make arrangements to take the Beaner out for lunch or otherwise have to be away from my desk during normal California working hours, but I've definitely missed important meetings because without calendaring support, currently meeting requests are filtered out of my Inbox. I can't reply and say, "that time doesn't work for me, can we reschedule?" or even call in from where I sit. Soon, I *will* be able to do that, and it's thrilling. I just want to get my iTunes sorted so I can properly backup my iPhone, and then I will truly be free.


Speaking of iPhones, does anyone else constantly find themselves sending IMs to the wrong people because you fail to explicitly choose your intended recipient from the Text Messages list and instead simply append your latest thought to whatever conversation was ongoing when you last used your iPhone? I did it three times in one day a few weeks ago, and I just did it again this morning. Tedious! (Not to mention embarrassing.)


My Canon 10D has been stuck in -1 exposure mode for freaking ever, and it's been driving me nuts (though apparently not nuts enough to RTFM to figure out how to fix it). Well, in my defense, the manual's usually nowhere near me when I'm shooting, and I tend to forget about it when I'm not shooting. Consequently, I have to correct the exposure in lightroom for EVERY. PHOTO. I. TAKE with the 10D, and it's annoying. I also often lose photo quality, too.

Well today I finally resolved to fix the problem before shooting garden photos. It was easy, but not straightforward; the combination of buttons and knobs required to set the +/- back to 0 was unguessable (it involved holding down the shutter halfway and using the large wheel on the back of the camera to shift the pointer). However! I am now shooting at the correct exposure, and my photos are no longer all dark and gloomy. Woo!

Posted by Lori in food and me, me, me and parenthood at 10:46 AM on July 11, 2008