Fall = Fantasy Football

At the risk of having a lurker join the league and then promptly abandon their team (as happened last year), I'm going to announce that we have 4 open spots in our fantasy football league for anyone who might want to join.

You need have no particular skill or experience with Fantasy Football, but you must commit to ACTUALLY PLAYING and not just leaving half your roster on the bench during bye weeks. This is absolutely doable for anyone who spends Sundays watching at least one NFL football game or a portion thereof. If you don't care enough about football to watch, chances are Fantasy Football is not for you.

The cost is FREE, unless you get obsessive and need constant scoring updates without refreshing (in which case you'd likely buy the Stat Tracker for about $10; I thought I could go without it my first season, but I quickly caved).

Anyway, if you want a fairly casual league with an auto-pick draft, and you can commit to not abandoning your team mid-season, join the cherrypickers. Go to Y! Fantasy Football "join a league" page, click the Join Custom button, and enter the following info:

The league is now full! Thanks to all who joined.

Our draft will happen on or about August 31 (that's when I'll set the league to "draft ready"), but you don't have to do anything except edit your pre-draft player rankings, and then only if you want to. Y! automatically ranks the top 25 players for you, though it's usually good to rank at least 50. The Bigger Board gives ranking suggestions for 100 players if you need help.

See you on the virtual gridiron!

Posted by Lori in sports at 7:05 PM on August 28, 2008