Writing (But Not Publishing)

Just a quick note to say that I've been thinking, reading, and even writing quite a bit lately; I just haven't been publishing anything (here, at least). I've been watching a LOT of The Wire (Al and I made it to season 4 last night), suffering through some sickness (the Beaner's, the nanny's, and my own), and giving a lot of thought to who I am, what I do, and what I want.

I've spewed some of what I've been thinking about on Twitter (the updates on my personal account are protected, so I feel like I'm in a relatively safe environment with these random spewings), but I haven't felt like much else that I'm working on is ready for prime time yet. Hopefully it will be eventually; if not, I may copy it longhand into my Little Book of Frustrations and Embarrassments* for posterity.

*I just this minute came up with this name, though the book itself has been around for three or four years. It took the place of my private pregnancy/baby blog after the Beaner was born, and unlike the private blog, even Al does not have access.

Posted by Lori in me, me, me at 11:03 PM on December 29, 2008