road trip day 1


A brief synopsis of the first day of our road trip:

We love our new car! It's perfect for long trips -- very comfortable, and effortless to drive.

We headed for a spot south of Pittsburgh: Fallingwater, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's more famous architectural achievements.

fallingwater on the balcony
91: three
father & son at fallingwater the house from the "view" spot

We took the tour of the house and also visited the gift shop, where we found a clock that we immediately agreed was a perfect fit for our mantle. The weather was chilly and overcast, but we were all really glad we made the stop and had a chance to walk around the amazing grounds a bit. The hillsides are covered with rhododendrons, which probably look amazing when they bloom (I'm assuming that blooming occurs in July, because they said their busiest times are July and October -- October being when the leaves turn).

From there we went to Pittsburgh, had dinner at Whole Foods (in the process getting to tour some pretty neighborhoods and see where the Google office is), and stayed over at a Hampton Inn in Monroeville.

I'm finishing this email from a rest stop in Ohio, as today we expect to make it to Detroit. (We already passed an auto plant here in Ohio -- the one where they make the Chevy Cruze.) It's kind of fun to experience the Americana. The car continues to be awesome.


[Brevity brought to you by iPhone.]

Other photos from this day:

roadside purple colborn garage
dull market duo
the milk truck pit stop

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