It Was on MY Calendar, Anyway

It was just me, Brad, and Yanni at band practice tonight—which wasn't terrible, because there are a bunch of songs just the three of us can play, and with no one waiting for a turn on drums, we could run through the same song 4 or 5 times. Janie Jones is actually starting to sound good, and the Misfits song is working, too. Yanni wants to do Electric Funeral, which I am down for, but I'm starting to wonder if we should just do all of Paranoid as a show. It could work.

It also turns out that Yanni is as captivated by the groove of Do I Wanna Know? by the Arctic Monkeys as I am (I am also a big fan of the internal rhymes), so we've resolved to learn that one as well. Brad has volunteered to play bass so I can work on singing.

Looking forward to my lesson next Wednesday, as Scott is back from touring, and I want to finish off Watching the Detectives. Also thinking he might have some tips on how to make the AC/DC songs sound better. Rooooock!

Posted by Lori in music at 11:09 PM on January 2, 2015