Movie Mania

I had a week off at Thanksgiving (thank you, Tim), and I made the most of it by creating a list of things I wanted to do and checking them off. It is super satisfying to check things off a list, and it's even more satisfying when the list consists only of things that make you happy, like reading books and doing puzzles and going rollerskating. My Thanksgiving week was so successful that I decided to make another list for Christmas break, mostly consisting of similar (if not the same exact) items.

On my list are things like hiking and biking and puzzling and reading, and uploading at least one bass line for my Else Always Happens bandmates to noodle on (yeah, I never wrote about that here and intend to eventually), but also something implicit: watching movies. I always spend Decembers watching movies. Yesterday, on Christmas Day, I thought to take account of the movies I'd watched so far, and I came up with such an extensive list that it kind of blew my mind. What's perhaps even more amazing is that the list doesn't include the non-movies I watched (e.g., MSNBC, The Mandalorian) or the podcasts or audiobooks I listened to. Where in the heck did I find the time? In any case, as of this writing, the movies I watched in December include:

My Man Godfrey
The Bishop’s Wife
It’s a Wonderful Life
Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist
Die Hard
Bad Moms Christmas*
The Best Years of Our Lives
Hiding Out
A Letter to Three Wives
The Women
Wife vs. Secretary
Better Off Dead
The Sure Thing
Say Anything
The Lion in Winter
No Way Out
Brittany Runs a Marathon*
Home Alone
A League of Their Own
Wonder Woman 1984*
Beautiful Girls
Sunset Boulevard
David Copperfield*
Mildred Pierce
The Happiest Season*
A Christmas Carol
Executive Suite
All About Eve
The Godfather*
Uncle Buck
Dinner at Eight
The Man Who Came to Dinner
Ball of Fire*
The Thin Man
The Lady Vanishes*
Bonnie and Clyde*
Stella Dallas*

Asterisks indicate movies I watched for the first time—a rarity.

Update 01.04.2021: I've added the movies watched between the time I originally posted and midnight on 12.31.2020 to the end of the list in italics. Managed to cram in a few more first-timers!

Posted by Lori in movies at 10:02 PM on December 26, 2020