all the directions at my hotel seem to start with "turn right at the camels..."

7 February 2002
I'm in Las Vegas. Vegas baby, Vegas! My Spitfire team is playing in the Las Vegas Women's Hockey Classic. On the way here, everyone kept asking me and Michele, "are you on your way to Salt Lake?" We thought it was hilarious -- like the USA Women's Hockey Team are the only women who play hockey in the country. :)

Our first game is at 11:45pm tonight, and I'm afraid I'll be too zonked to write about it afterwards. If I have time, I'll write about it tomorrow morning, before our second game (which is at 12:45pm). We're going to go to the rink early and see the other two teams in our bracket play each other at 9:45. We're in the lowest novice division; I hope it's the right level. We were a little worried that we'd be placed too high, but it'd also be no fun if we were placed too low. We'll see, I guess...

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