An Offer is Made

We got an offer on our house yesterday, so we slept with the comforter on the bed last night to celebrate. (We've been removing it every night and sleeping with an old blanket instead, and then reassembling the bed in the morning.) Of course, it's totally wrinkled now, which vexes me greatly. (Sorry, I've got Pride & Prejudice on the brain.) I wouldn't care so much if we were done showing the house, but its official status is "Pending - Continue to Show", so I just might have to iron when we get back from celebrating our friend Ken's birthday tonight.

I am very relieved that someone (actually, a few people) seemed to like the house as much as we do, and that a sale in September is now very likely. Somehow, however, my stress level has gone UP. I think it might be because we are now facing the logistical nightmare of finding a short-term rental, a house, and a way to get us, our cat Annie, and all our stuff to Philly. It would be easy if we already had a house and could put everything on a truck, but since there isn't much in our desired neighborhoods and price range on the market right now, we have yet to find a place. This means that we must ship the stuff we'll need in the next 2-3 months out to an apartment (should we find one that doesn't require a 1-year lease), to Al's office, or to my sister's house in Maryland, and then put the rest of the stuff on the moving truck to go into storage.

So now my dilemma is to figure out what I'll desperately need in the next 2-3 months. Mid-weight sweaters, certainly. Lightweight shirts, certainly. Ditto jeans. Scrapbooking supplies? I know it seems frivolous, but what if I have a lot of time on my hands? I'd want to be able to catch up on my scrapbooking! Portable CD player. At least 3 classical/rennaissance dance music CDs. A Jane Austen novel or two. My Dreamweaver fleece pullover, a scarf, a hat, and some gloves. My Bugaboots, my sneakers, my black Sketchers... and my Steve Madden superboots? They're comfortable, to be sure, but not built for walks about town.

I was reminded just now of Claire going through a similar dilemma a while back... and I've found her post on the subject. Very similar, indeed! I was wondering myself whether to pack my muffin recipies....

Posted by Lori in the cross-country move at 6:36 PM on August 14, 2003