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I'm realizing that I have all these things that I'd wanted to say, and I can't quite believe that I haven't blogged about them before now. I am *so* looking forward to having some time off and being able to write daily! Actually, that's probably a good thing to mention right there: I may have alluded to it before, but to end any confusion, I am planning on being unemployed for a while when we move to Philadelphia. I've given notice at the company I've worked at for the past 7 years, and as of September 12, I will be on my own.

The plan is for me to take a month or two off to (a) find us a house, (b) get to know our new city, and (c) pursue creative interests (painting, scrapbooking, photography, framing). After that, I'm seriously considering trying to find a random, interesting, not-in-it-for-the-money part-time job: In other words, a new experience for which I never would have interrupted my career, but that might be fun to try now that my career is being interrupted anyway. Something that, at the very least, might be fun to write about even if it doesn't make me unbelivably happy. Tops on my list of possibilities are taking tickets or working the Will Call window at Flyers games; delivering flowers for a Center City florist; and selling muffins in the lobby of an office building (as long as a permit to do so doesn't cost a fortune). Al and I often joke that if me being unemployed is too much of a financial burden, I'll just have to sell more muffins. :)

Eventually I'll look for a full-time job, but I'm expecting the time off to influence the field I look in. I'll decide in a couple months whether I want to look for another software engineering job, go back to technical writing/API documentation, do web application development...or look into franchising my muffin business.

Posted by Lori in work at 1:08 PM on August 15, 2003


try to get a job at a pro-shop.. :)

Posted by: Clark at August 18, 2003 5:35 AM

oooh, that's a good idea!

Posted by: Lori at August 18, 2003 10:18 AM

How about selling muffins at the Flyer's games?

Posted by: Simon at August 19, 2003 10:31 AM

even better! I was actually thinking about that... At Sharks games there's a cookie/coffee/ice cream stand that isn't particularly good, but there seems to be a service company that's got all the concessions locked up at HP Pavillion. However, at Oakland Coliseum, there's a small but very popular stand called Your Black Muslim Bakery that sells delicious vegan muffins and cookies; tofu, vegetable, and fish sandwiches; and fresh juices. If they can get a concession at Oakland Coliseum, surely I can get one at Wachovia Center? :D I wonder if tofu sandwiches would be as popular in Philly as they are in Oakland, though...

Posted by: Lori at August 19, 2003 10:40 AM

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