La Créme de Le Clem

I have yet to tell many of my farther-flung friends that we are moving to Philadelphia; Al is in charge of getting a P.O. box (so we'll have a semi-permanent address) and an apartment (so we'll have a temporary place to live until we find a house) this week, and I was going to send out missives about the move as soon as I had the P.O. Box address to pass on. Those who read my blog are ahead of the game, however, and have been contacting me.

One such e-mail, from my friend Clem, arrived in my Inbox this morning, and I could not have been more happy to see it. You see, Clem lives in the NYC-area, and it had not occurred to me until he wrote that I would be a 75-minute train ride away from him. That means it will be entirely possible to meet him in NYC for drinks, as we have often done when a conference or other business trip has brought me into town. Then I realized: I won't be working right away, so it could even be possible to meet in NYC for drinks ON A WEEKDAY. We could get happily blitzed (read: drink two whole martinis!) in the MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING DAY. Gosh, why hadn't I thought of this before?? What a brilliant idea, to take the train to NY and visit my friend Clem! Yet another reason why moving to Philadelphia is a Good Thing.

Posted by Lori in the cross-country move at 6:36 PM on August 18, 2003