Bass Badass

Played so much bass during last night's adult program practice that by the last song my left hand and arm cramped and refused to grip the strings. In the grand scheme of things it wasn't *that* much continuous playing time—only a little over 2 hours—but that's more than I've ever done before. (Usually I practice for 30-60 minutes a night, my lessons are 45 minutes long, and at the last adult session I sang half the songs because I didn't know the bass lines to them.)

On a related note, I've noticed that there's a disconnect between the songs I like to listen to and noodle out at home, and the ones I enjoy playing most with the other dudes in the group. I have a pretty wide range of musical interests, but I don't have much in the Blues genre in my library. Blues, however, turns out to be really fun to play. The bass line can really hold up a song and provide a platform for some cool guitar solos—and it's usually chill enough that I can keep up fairly easily.

In other music news, the Beaner got into Punk 'n Funk for this season, so he will start practices for that this Saturday. Oh, and as we were leaving the adult session last night, Yanni said, "we're going to have a show soon. Don't anyone quit the band before the show!" Which... eep!... is both exciting and terrifying. Hopefully we will do all Blues tunes! And we should probably come up with a name for ourselves, so I don't have to keep referring to us as the Adult Program. Maybe we can use the title of the note that was sent home with the Beaner from camp last night and be the HEY GROWNUPS!

Posted by Lori in me, me, me and music at 12:25 PM on August 23, 2013