25 May 2002
Just finished our first game of the day (second of the tournament); the next one is at 12:45, so I've got to be back at the rink in an hour and 15 minutes. I couldn't sleep last night, first because I was hyper, thinking about what I would do in certain situations on the ice the next day, and then because I was hungry. I had eaten what I'd thought was plenty of food during the morning and afternoon yesterday, but apparently it wasn't enough. I ended up eating an apple and some cheese at 1am. I finally got to sleep at 1:45 or so, and then popped awake at 5:40, ready to go. Of course, *now* I'm tired, and I'm afraid to take a nap lest I wake up groggy.

This morning's game was one we should have won—we were faster and stronger skaters than the Hockey Bags—but we didn't manage to pull it off. We even scored first, and went up one each time they matched us... at least until the end. In the third period we went up 3-2, and then one of our players got a double minor for high sticking. They scored on us during the first minute, which cleared the first penalty, and then we killed off the second one, so it was 3-3.

I was standing behind the bench watching the last couple minutes of the game (I'd been a pentalty killer for the first 30 seconds or so and the last 90 seconds or so, so I didn't go out for my regular shift) when I saw our the beginning of our downfall. It started at the redline, but I knew where it was going. One of the Hockey Bags ended up with a breakaway, and she scored. <sigh> We ended up losing 4-3.

I did indeed fall asleep for about 20 minutes between games, but it wasn't enough to make me seriously groggy. Or at least, no more than I already was. :)

This afternoon's game was also one we should have won but didn't. Seems like we're right on the edge of winning—it's not like we're playing badly (quite the opposite, really)—we're just not pulling it off. Maybe with a bit more practice between tournaments...

In both of today's games I played Wing, and Sean played Center. At the end of the second game, we moved Tannis to Center, too, and Jocelyn and I became Wing partners (we liked that, actually). Sally also made a good Wing partner for me, although I did have a bit of trouble adjusting to Wing (even though it's my regular position on Monday nights)—I think I still kept circling around in the middle like a Center. (You can see that in the second photo on the left; I'm coming through the center, looking for a pass from Sally.)

Today's loss means that we have another 12:45pm game tomorrow, this time at the Burnaby 8 Rinks. I'm looking forward to seeing a facility with so many ice surfaces!

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