26 May 2002
Today's game was against the Reno Silver Bullets; ironically, half the team was from Truckee. As with all of our other games, this is one we could have won. The Silver Bullets were at about our level—they just play together more regularly. Makes me want to have at-least-monthly practices even more.

I was pretty exhausted after the game (I played Center again), but I had a really good time playing. Most of the girls had a great sense of humor (one of their Centers and I kept joking at the faceoff, and laughing when we knocked each other down on the boards), and even the one who seemed the toughest and mouthiest turned out to be nice when we shook hands after the game. (Since she came up afterwards and said, "which one of you has the website?", she could even be reading this right now. :)

It was frustrating to lose every game this tournament—and to have so many goals scored against us because someone was open on the back post all the time—but I still had fun. This really is the best tournament we go to, and I plan to be back next year, too.

trying to prevent another back post goal

getting open

chasing the play


that's right: *8* rinks!

exhausted after a long shift

racing for the puck, which has just been cleared by the other team. I did get there first!


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